The Benefits of an Outsourced IT Staff – Things That Make You Go Hmmm |

If you own a business, you know what a headache it can be managing your IT. And if you work for a business as the IT manager, you know firsthand how frustrating it can be to manage IT for a company. Spyware and malware issues are on the rise, as more employees use their workstations in your office to surf the internet for ideas, help, and new customers. The more employees a company has, the more computers it has, this opens the door to more IT problems.Some employees may go online and get attacked with spyware or open an exe in an email, accepting the install of a virus. An honest computer and network repair company will not only fix the problem they will take the time to explain the issue, how it happened and what you can do to avoid it in the future. The best outsource IT companies will educate the customer so they do not have to return for the same issues over and over wasting precious company funds and taxing your IT budget.When problems on your network like a virus/worm or network related issues are allowed to fester, eventually this leads to a large IT problem taking your staff from working to wasting time. This also means your sudo technician will be spending his time and your dollars trying to fix the issue and in some cases making things worse. Even if there are only a few employees, if one has to stop because of a computer problem, employee productivity goes down. This is even worse when one employee both works and manages the network, because then when something needs to be fixed, two employees are not working.There are certain routines that need to be done every month by your IT staff. At least once a week, employees need to backup all data to a backup device like NAS or, verify online or offsite storage so your data is not corrupt when you go to use it. Many companies have backup devices that run day and night for years. They have no idea if they have a valid backup to use when the time comes use it for lack of knowledge on how to test it and keep that hardware up to date. You not only need to verify your backups, you need to know how to restore them or the money you spent on the solution is wasted.Employees who know enough to be dangerous often lead the business owners into a false sense of security while there data is risking complete loss each and every day. You would not have you’re your pool guy cut your lawn right. Learning the proper technique to monitor and apply technical skill for a business takes time. If you do not deal with the issues on regular bases, you become in efficient. The longer the office is not working the more it costs for the repair. If you don’t have the man power or a knowledgeable technician; other things on the network are probably being ignored as well. The hiring of a network consultant can help stream line your IT making the best of the budget you have.This means if you have someone who can do some of the work they will be properly trained and will know when it is time to call in the pro for help not after things are so bad you need a day to get back to work. Most IT companies will be on site within four hours. The best IT technicians will be on the phone with you trying to help resolve your issue before they step foot on site. This means part of the trouble shooting is already completed before the person is in your office allowing for the fastest repair possible. When working for companies downtime is very damaging, knowing what you are doing makes things go much faster.If you pay a computer repair technician $95.00 to fix a problem in one hour you are far better off than paying your employee for the day to figure out the issue then resolve it while his or her work is neglected. Business computer repair is a totally different world then home computer repair. When repairing a PC in someone’s home, you can show up day or night and while you have to be fast you are not keeping them from making a living in most cases.Outsourcing is a great solution. Many times small companies just do not have the budget for an in house IT person. Not only are trained IT people expensive, it costs a lot of time and money to keep them updated on the latest technologies. In most cases these companies call in outside help to come and do their network trouble shooting or to manage their NAS and other backup devices along with exchange and other in house email solutions. If you don’t know who to call before the problem starts your company will have to find and then wait for the IT technician.This could make employees unproductive for days depending on when they arrive. And there is always the chance that the person sent to fix the network may actually make things worse. This is why you need to hire a company that not only has a great flier; you need one with proven results showing the ability to fix computers and networks while educating you on how to maximize your IT investment. Your hired onsite technician should be fully aware of the up to date techniques on small items like spyware removal to larger repairs like fixing the exchange server or replacing a router and updating DNS for your domain on a PDC. To be an efficient repair technician you really need to deal with the issues on a daily basis or you would have to look up and go through trial and error while the emergency is taking place instead of already forming a plan to repair and moving forward.Once your IT management is outsourced, all worries about network trouble shooting, computer repair and network storage can be answered most times with a simple phone call. It is actually around 30-35% cheaper to outsource than it is to keep an IT staff. If you outsource, you know the company you choose will have highly trained employees who are always up-to-date and who will be there when they are needed. This increases productivity, and since you aren’t paying training, a large staff, or have people not able to work, you save a lot of money.