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For many the job marketing and the economy is the number one issue facing America today. This is evident in many of the political polls shown on television. In addition there is a significant increase in people from around the world entering the United states each day. The average work needs to develop more knowledge and skills to become more than average to potential employers. Adding knowledge and skills to one’s resume does not have to be time intensive or costly. There are many occupations that require a professional certification rather than a college degree. Certifications can be achieved much quicker and less expensive than a college degree.Grant writers, like many other occupations (auto repair, computer repair, and tax preparer to name a few) do not need to have any sort certification or license to perform their tasks as a grant researcher / writer. The fact is that your auto mechanic can also be your grant writer. However, employers hire certified (grant writers) employees over non-certified at a much higher rate.Certification is not the same thing as a professional license. Certifications are usually earned from a professional association. The certification process is similar to licensure and may differ in terms of legal status. Certifications are often designed for both novices and seasoned professionals.HR professionals value employees with certifications
• certification play a key role in the hiring process
• certification make it easier to help find the best employee fit
• certification help to ensure credibility of employees
• employers reduce the number of unqualified resumes they receive by including certifications as a requirement in job listings
• certification is a reliable predictor of a successful employee
• certification indicates an independent unbiased evaluation of knowledge and ability
• certification is an indication that a candidate is willing to work hard and accomplish goals
• certified employees receive higher starting salaries than those without certificationsResearch shows certified employees are:
• More confident
• More knowledgeable
• Reach job proficiency quicker
• Are more reliable
• Perform at a higher level
• Work Smarter
• More willing to learn new things
• Stay with their employer longer
• More likely to be promoted
• More job satisfactionOrganizations that value training and certification tend to see lower turnover, increased productivity, and a validation of professional standards. Many non-profit organizations are eager to have a CGW on their staff. This is true for both new hires and current employees.Becoming a Certified Grant Writer® is the best way to prepare your future Grant Writing / Consulting career.